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The game of Risk 2210 AD can not only be seen to have given the classic game a face lift, but so too can it be seen to have spawned a new generation of fans. These fans have not only embraced the new game, with it's added water territories and lunar landscape, but so too have they dared to go that step further and birth their own variants of what is sure to become a classic game in and of itself.

Below you'll find a list of some of the rule variations in use around the world today within the Risk 2210 AD arena:

Spy Commander: NEW!
Deception is the greatest weapon of this Commander.
Mercenary Commander: NEW!
Trickery and cunningness are the main characteristics of this Commander.
Religious Commander: NEW!
New commander similar to the Diplomat Commander, but uses advanced technology like the Apocalypse Reactor and the Ressurection Chamber.
Terror Tactics:
This deck from Insurgency Gaming brings another type of devastation marker into the game in the form of a Biohazard.
A Call To Arms - Celestial Dawn:
The second deck from the A Call To Arms series introduced the Tital Pull card into play effectively changing a land territory into a water territory.
Aerial Assault:
The Aerial Assault Command Decks introduces the Aerial commander to the game.
Combined Arms 2210 AD:
People always says that two minds are better than one.
Day Of The Dead:
Here we find another variant that is hard to categorise. Is it an expansion or a rule variant. The answer is both.
Antarctica Map
Adds an additional continent to the standard world map.
Resistance Command Deck
Introduces A New 20 Card Resistance decks into the Risk 2210 AD game.
Fog Of War
A whole new take on the land grab territory allocation rules.
Nations 2210 AD
These rules encourage the use of water and lunar territories by bringing them into play at the beginning of the game alongside the land territories.
Spy Commander
Deception is the greatest weapon of this Commander. You can easily confuse your opponents and create havoc in their ranks with the Command Cards that will be at your disposal.
Blind Risk 2210 AD:
Blind Risk, the brain child of one of the original creators of Risk 2210 AD - Craig Van Ness, is a variant that brings together multiple sets of the basic game.



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