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Risk 2210 AD:In the not too distant future, with the face of the planet having been ravaged and torn apart by decades of hostilities, the world's top minds have been tasked with creating more devious and devastating ways of waging war. The time for diplomacy has long since passed. The time for advanced warmongering is upon us.

One of the biggest differences from the classic game is the addition of commanders: land, naval, space, nuclear, and diplomat.These fill a number of roles with the most basic function being to act as an improved army unit,enabling players to roll eight-sided dice rather than the typical six-sided, but perhaps the most important function of the commanders is allowing the purchase and use of cards of various types. The addition of these cards has a huge effect upon the gaming dynamics. With the addition of these cards the board is opened up making no position impregnable and no attack a certainty. With these cards in use, the game is more fluid, with gaming positions and strategies needing to be constantly shifted.

We now have seven expansion decks: The Advanced Tech, Terror Tactics, Aerial Assault, A Call To Arms and A Call To Arms - Celestial Dawn command decks, a Mission Pack and the Day Of The Dead Universal Deck.

2ND EDITION - Back by popular demand and having had a massive overhaul, the Advanced Tech Command Deck is ready and raring to go. Sporting some swanky new graphics, like the prom queen who wants to be the belle of the ball, this deck has been reproduced to encompass all of the original Risk 2210 AD game play elements. A few tweaks here and there has also allowed for a more eloquent use of the English language giving added clarity to individual card wording and providing a seamless link into the gaming environment.

Look out for our Aerial Assault expansion which, as either a stand alone expansion or an addition to this existing deck, injects ever more exciting dynamics into the classic Risk 2210 AD game.



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